We are proud of our modern fleet of all terrain cranes available for your every requirement.

With the cranes compactness and up to the minute lifting technology, partnered with our team of experienced and knowledgeable operators we can get the job done.

*  Specialist lifting equipment

*  Experienced dogman/riggers

*  Certified mancage

*  Concrete skip available

*  Concrete Deadmen Blocks available for hire

Our Crane Fleet consists of:

Franna AT15
Franna AT20
Franna AT20-3

AC40 City All Terrain Crane
AC40-1 All Terrain Crane

AC55 City All Terrain Crane
AC80-2 All Terrain Crane

AC100/4(L) All Terrain Crane    

Franna AT20

As a pick and carry crane (operates 'free on wheels' without the need for stabilisers) the Franna is a very versatile and capable lifting machine.  Its compactness and maneuverability combine to make it perfect for many confined space operations such as moving and placing plant and equipment in factory settings.  The Frannas ability to 'pick and carry' items onsite make it a valuable tool in numerous situations.


AC40 City All Terrain Crane

The AC40 is a very compact city class crane, with an overall length of less than nine metres in travel mode and multiple steering options this crane can be maneuvered into tight spaces.  With an outrigger foot print of 6.5m x 6.5m minimal space is needed to set up and operate.


AC55 City All Terrain Crane

The AC55 is an agile all terrain, city class crane.  Featuring all wheel drive and all wheel steer. This machine will access sites where other cranes would not even dream of trying.  With diff locks, a powerful torque converter and aggressive grip tyres the AC55 is just as at home in the urban environment or the rural sector.


AC100/4 (L) All Terrain Crane

Our 2012 AC100/4 (L) represents the latest in lifting technologies.  With a width of 2.55m and an overall length of 13.235m.  When in travel configuration this is the most compact machine in its operating class, this in addition to multiple steering mode options makes this crane extremely maneuverable allowing it access to site, where other 4 axle cranes simply cannot go.  With a 60m main boom and an additional 18m of fly gib this crane has class leading reach.