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Moving House


Jacksons have been relocating houses and buildings predominately in the Canterbury area.  Since the Christchurch earthquake tragedy we have developed an enormous amount of experience in house removal.  We have purchased a new self steer house trailer which has enabled us to relocate these houses more efficiently and making the process safer.

If you are buying a house privately or already have a house and want to get quotes to move it, we can help by putting you in touch with a number of suitable contractors.

For those who have never moved a house before, there is a lot to learn and lot of expensive mistakes can be made learning the craft if you don't have help.  For this reason we recommend if you are new to this that you allow us to guide you through the process and avoid costly and time consuming mistakes that are all too common.

Millimetre Precision

The video below shows one of our house relocation trucks carefully reversing onto a section, in order to place a house onto its new foundations. You can see the level of precision required to perform this kind of manoeuvre - a showcase of the experience and skill of the Jackson's team!

Related Services

Moving a house is not a simple matter, but we have all of the necessary equipment and services:

  • Jacking
  • BESS certified drivers
  • Over-dimensional load transportation
  • Specialised industry equipment
  • Project management
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