Tekapo Piloting


Let us assist you with all your over-dimensional loads, from the complexity of route planning, application of permits, signage and lighting, or simply as a pilot escort for your own vehicles.

We have fully equipped piloting vehicles suitable for Class 1 and Class 2 piloting, and can provide all the necessary equipment.  Our team is knowledgeable in all the legal and moral aspects of piloting; we take the safety of staff and the public extremely seriously.  No short cuts, no risky manoeuvres, and you can be assured your cargo will be under the most stringent control from start to completion.

Piloting Vehicle
  • Certified Class 1 & 2 pilots

    Load pilots play an important part in making sure that unusually large or wide vehicles travel New Zealand’s roads safely. They are responsible for warning other road users of an approaching vehicle, managing any problems and keeping any traffic delays to a minimum.

  • BESS certified drivers

    Bridge engineering self supervision (BESS) is a training and registration system for companies and drivers of heavy vehicles that operate under an overweight permit. BESS registration is a requirement for obtaining overweight permits that include restrictions on crossing bridges.